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Become a Part of Worcester's Flourishing Coffee Scene


In the heart of Worcester and its surrounding areas, a golden opportunity awaits aspiring entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts who wish to start their own business. The coffee sector has boomed in recent years, with coffee culture becoming more than just a simple caffeine fix.

It’s no wonder that setting up a coffee shop is an appealing idea amongst entrepreneurs. But did you know that choosing a franchise over a start-up has numerous advantages? With the solid support of an Esquires franchise business model, working with an established coffee brand provides a stepping stone to those seeking to make their mark on the coffee sector and be their own boss.

So, if you want to establish your very own coffee store in Worcester and its nearby areas, partnering with an Esquire Coffee franchise is a great place to start.


Worcester, a charming historical city in the West Midlands, is a well-situated location for a new Esquires coffee shop. Celebrating a diverse blend of history, community spirit, and an intense love for coffee, the city stands out as the perfect place to capture an emerging market.

Home to the Royal Worcester Porcelain, Lea & Perrins (the creators of the renowned Worcester sauce), the University of Worcester, medieval architecture, and picturesque River Severn, the city is a social hub for those interested in its historical roots, culture, and scenic landscapes, attracting sightseers, visitors, and workers daily.

With the University of Worcester contributing to a high student population of over 10,000, opening an Esquires coffee shop will inevitably open up additional space to socialise and study, appealing to those embracing the student lifestyle.

Worcester’s open park spaces attract local families who reside in the city and those who live in nearby major cities, like Birmingham, for a cultural getaway with green spaces and interesting architecture. Families on days out often seek refreshing pick-me-ups and bites to eat, which a family-friendly coffee shop can offer.

Beyond the city’s historic charm, Worcester is conveniently located between Birmingham and Cheltenham, with easy access via the M5. Worcester’s position attracts those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and regular commuters looking for a convenient pit stop.


The UK coffee shop sector contributes over £17 billion annually to the economy, making it a worthwhile market to invest in. With the help of Esquires, setting up a coffee franchise offers an opportunity for great success and good profit margins. Following our franchise model will significantly improve your chances of success compared to those setting up a coffee shop start-up without any support from a reputable and knowledgeable brand.

Partnering with Esquires Coffee gives you the resources you need to rise above the competition: guidance, support, marketing expertise, reliable vendor contacts, unique store design, and staff training – all of which contribute to a competitive advantage. Ultimately, joining Esquires will allow you to tap into the lucrative coffee store market with a better chance of sustained success.

Explore our franchising FAQs for more information about what’s involved in our franchise agreements.


Are you enthusiastic about great-tasting coffee? Do you want to set up your very own coffee shop here in Worcester? If you like the sound of our ethos, Esquires Coffee wants to hear from you! We’re looking for passionate coffee-loving entrepreneurs to elevate our brand to the next level, especially in Worcester and the surrounding areas.

Discover our franchise opportunities and launch your coffee shop in the remarkable and rewarding coffee industry. Apply today and bring your Worcester coffee shop dream to life.