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Invest in Stafford’s Emerging Coffee Scene


Stafford offers a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts to pursue their goal of running their own coffee shop and being their own boss. With the coffee industry being one of the fastest-growing and most successful markets in the UK, with a market value of £13 billion+, investing in an Esquires coffee shop has a huge scope for success.

If you’re considering setting up your own coffee shop, then choosing the franchisee route over a start-up has proven more successful and offers numerous benefits. By following our franchise business model, we’ll provide you with the support and knowledge you need to set up a thriving coffee shop business – providing an invaluable stepping stone for those wanting to prosper in the industry.


Stafford, a market town in Staffordshire, is ideally situated between Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent. With a blend of attractions, history, and proximity to open spaces, Stafford presents as a great location to capture the local coffee market.

Located only 15 miles north of Wolverhampton and 24 miles Northwest of Birmingham, the town is an excellent place for those looking for a quick getaway and escape the city’s roar. The town is convenient for families to settle due to the variety of local green spaces, parks and wildlife areas.

Stafford offers an array of attractions, such as Stafford Castle, Shugborough Estate, Victoria Park, Cannock Chase, Wildwood Park, Boscobel House, Ancient High House, and many more.

Other attractions just outside Stafford include Alton Towers, Drayton Manor Resort, Trentham Estate, and Trentham Monkey Forest – attracting a range of local visitors and those from afar. With Stafforshire’s tourism worth over £1.8 billion each year, there is undoubtedly a profitable market for an Esquires coffee shop to tap into.

The population of Stafford is 136,000+ and growing, with 61,500 workers – all requiring a caffeine fix!

Ultimately, setting up a coffee shop in Stafford presents a prosperous opportunity to cater to various consumers, all looking for a warm and pleasant place to enjoy coffee!


Currently, 95 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the UK, and as the population continues to multiply, so does the demand for coffee. By taking advantage of the guidance and knowledge you’d gain from becoming an Esquire franchisee, you increase your likelihood of running a successful coffee shop business from the start, offering you an excellent chance to explore the limitless potential of this growing market.

Choosing to start your own business with Esquires Coffee gives you the advantage of joining our reputable brand, along with our ethos, which has proven to be more appealing to customers due to our level of trust and brand affinity.

Teaming up with Esquires Coffee gives you a distinct edge in the competitive landscape. Our partnership grants you access to essential resources, including personalised guidance, robust support, expert marketing insights, reliable connections with vendors, a one-of-a-kind store design, and comprehensive staff training.

Get further insights into how we do things with our franchising FAQs.


We’re on the lookout for dynamic entrepreneurs who share our love for coffee, particularly those keen on advancing our brand, especially in Stafford and its neighbouring regions.

Kickstart your coffee shop venture by joining Esquires Coffee today. Complete an application now and bring your coffee store dream to life!