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Become the go-to coffee spot in Chesterwell

Franchise Opportunities in Chesterwell

Investing in a franchise provides a wealth of opportunities, allowing you to become your own boss and develop a business that benefits your community.

The coffee chain industry has seen tremendous growth over recent years, highlighting just how profitable coffee shops can be when put in the right hands. Embark on a new adventure with Esquires and the prospects available in Chesterwell, Colchester.

Why Open a Coffee Shop in Chesterwell, Colchester?

This new housing development in Colchester offers a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to set up shop and become a key part of the growing community.

The Chesterwell development, right on the doorstep of Colchester, Essex, offers a prime location to develop a new business, especially one that brings people together, like a coffee shop! Set against a backdrop of tranquil woodland with easy access to the city centre, Chesterwell is set to become a thriving community with a vibrant atmosphere.

Complete with a plaza, contemporary workspaces and shops, Chesterwell is shaping up to be a fantastic place to work and live. Within the units here resides the ideal spot for a coffee shop that centres sustainable, great-tasting coffee and the farmers who grow it.

Are you ready to take on this opportunity? Esquires are currently looking for franchise partners to develop a store here.

Why Choose Esquires Coffee?

When you buy an Esquires Coffee franchise, you are investing in a partnership. Our franchise team will work closely with you to develop a successful store that customers will love. You will have a good level of freedom to run your own business while also receiving plenty of support and all the benefits that come with being part of a larger brand.

As an Esquires partner, we will help with store design, menus, vendor connections, staff training and marketing materials, as well as providing ongoing support as you progress on your franchising journey.

Our ethos is rooted in practices that prioritise people and the planet, resulting in a coffee shop menu full of Fairtrade, ethically sourced coffee with that all-important, unbeatable taste.

To find out more about who we are and how we do things, head over to our franchising FAQs.

Apply For a Coffee Franchise Today

If you have a passion for coffee and want to embrace a unique opportunity to build a central community hotspot, an Esquires franchise might just be the perfect venture.

We are currently looking for a franchise partner to head up a store in Chesterwell, so if you are interested, please fill out our application.