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Become a part of Birmingham’s bustling coffee community

Franchise Opportunities For Entrepreneurs In Birmingham

So you want to run your own business but are unsure where to begin? Buying a franchise in Birmingham is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to run their own business and find a new career path in an exciting and profitable market.

By choosing an Esquires Coffee shop, you can reap the benefits of an established franchise business model while joining the buzz of the coffee shop industry.

Why Invest in a Birmingham Coffee Shop?

With a population of 1,144,900, Birmingham is the second largest city and is commonly referred to as the UK’s Second City, signifying the strength of its cultural and economic landscape.

So there are plenty of people in the city, but what do they think of coffee? It seems Brummies are primed to love a good brew as the city hosts an annual Birmingham Coffee Festival – so any new coffee shop would be in a great spot to capture an already engaged coffee-drinking population.

The city is also home to 8 universities/higher education institutions – all those 80,000 students will surely need a pick me up or somewhere cosy to work from, and coffee shops can be invaluable in both of these regards!

This modern and vibrant city has an ever-evolving skyline and presents plenty of opportunities for you to make your mark and become a much-loved part of the community.


Becoming an Esquires Coffee franchise partner means you will be supported at every step of the way when opening your Birmingham coffee franchise. This will include training in areas such as staff management, design, marketing guidance and more.

Coffee Franchises in Birmingham

The branded coffee chain market has seen good growth in recent year, and more success has been projected for the coming years. The Allegra World Coffee Portal states the branded coffee shop market is now valued at £4.4 billion, with 9,540 branded stores around the UK. This number is set to rise to 10,500 by 2026 – there is fantastic potential when investing in a franchise.

Franchises offer more security and a higher chance of success. When you open a coffee shop in Birmingham, opting for a franchise store over an independent one could mean you’re more likely to thrive while also getting the opportunity to become a community hotspot for local coffee lovers.

Are Coffee Shops In Birmingham Successful?

When launched with solid foundations, Birmingham coffee shop businesses can be very profitable. Franchises have a much higher chance of success than start-ups due to having the expertise of an established coffee shop chain from day one. We know the customers and need is there, so with some Esquires know-how and your personal flair, your store has every chance of being a success story!

To learn more about whether franchising suits your business needs, visit our franchising FAQs.

Buying a Birmingham Coffee Franchise

If you’re ready to take a step into the coffee industry, Esquires Coffee is ready and waiting for you!

As an acclaimed coffee franchise, our coffee shops have led the way for several decades for ethical and community-centred coffee shops. With a recognised name and a tried and tested business model, Esquires Coffee can offer you the helping hand you need to set up your dream coffee shop.

If you’re ready to open a single, multi, or regional franchise, fill out our form and apply for an Esquires Coffee franchise today. We can’t wait to hear from you!