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    At Esquires Coffee, we have years worth of experience with running coffee shops and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge to support smaller businesses.

    Want to succeed in the retail industry? Apply to be a franchise partner today.

    Why Franchise With Esquires Coffee?

    Here at Esquires Coffee, with years of experience and success under our belt, we have an acute understanding of what consumers want from a coffee shop experience.

    Coffee businesses have so much potential for profit as one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. This potential is best capitalised on by joining a franchise.

    As a proven business model, franchising is a wiser investment for budding entrepreneurs when compared with start-up businesses, significantly increasing success rates.

    A franchise partnership with Esquires entails support in increasing brand awareness, drawing in a much wider margin of potential customers as a surefire way to generate capital for your store.

    Our knowledgeable and passionate approach to everything coffee is the ideal support system, achieved through collaboration and guidance, not by stripping away your independence.

    We simply provide the tools for you to build your dream cafe.

    What Will Happen After I Apply for an Esquires Coffee Franchise Partnership?

    Buying an Esquires franchise is more than worth the cost, ensuring that smaller coffee businesses will have assistance with the following:

    • Marketing
    • Hiring a team & training
    • Store design
    • Equipment
    • Property fees
    • Fit-out and furniture costs

    We believe this will be a fulfilling partnership. For more details on the costs and support offered by Esquires, take a look at our page on franchising.