Interested in an Esquires Coffee Franchise?

Interested in an Esquires Coffee Franchise?

Be part of an organisation that understands and caters to today's coffee consumer

Be part of an organisation that understands and caters to today's coffee consumer

Why Coffee?

The UK Coffee Industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the retail industry over the last ten years. It experienced:

  • A total turnover of £8.9bn
  • The branded coffee market equated for £3.7bn turnover.
  • Branded coffee chain outlet growth of 7% per annum
  • 2.3bn cups of coffee sold out of home, with 82% of consumers visiting a coffee shop on a weekly basis.

The UK is expected to see the continued rise of branded chains and artisan coffee over the next 10 years.

Today, coffee plays a unique role in our social interactions evoking different emotions in people. Our coffee houses are places to meet friends, places to find peace; they are places where business is performed and places to unwind after the stresses of a busy day.

They function as an extension of homes and businesses, as well as a place to escape them.

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Why buy an Esquires Coffee Catering Franchise?

The Franchise that embraces Individuality. As an Esquires Coffee franchise owner you’ll be part of a brand that focuses on looking, thinking and acting like an independent; whilst benefiting from the buying power and customer loyalty of a chain.

Our Franchise system has been carefully honed over many years and many markets. Experience means we know the market inside and out.

More than just great coffee. At Esquires’, we understand the needs of today’s coffee drinking consumer. The consumer wants to feel proud to be drinking a coffee that not only tastes great but is also fairtrade and ethically sourced, they want to chill out with their friends or work on their laptop in a store environment that is cool, comfortable and most importantly non-corporate. They expect great service, knowledgeable baristas, high quality food and aren’t afraid to pay a premium for this when supporting a brand that stands for something.

Our operating and management systems have been carefully developed to enable operators to maintain their business at peak performance at all times.

Esquires provide innovation and support to our franchisees with a management structure that is robust, creative and delivers proved sustainable businesses. We offer a bespoke solution for every partner’s needs including; full training, site selection and procurement, store design, lease negotiation, marketing and consistent ongoing support.

We’re dedicated to staying on top…and keeping you there too!

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Who's Esquires looking for as a franchise partner?

Esquires Coffee are looking for people who love working with and motivating a team, have a strong work ethic, a track record of success, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the necessary financial qualifications.

We’re looking for franchise partners who embrace Esquires community ethos and make their coffee house the home of their local neighbourhood!

We provide a number of Franchising options enabling you to select the one that best matches your prerequisites and investment level:

Single Franchise         Multi Store Franchise           Master Franchise