Fairtrade Fortnight 2014- Banoffee Latte or Hot Chocolate

*Event has passed

Start: February 17, 2014
End: March 9, 2014
Host: All Stores

Event Description:

Fairtrade Fortnight is taking place this year from the 24th Feb- 9th March. This year’s focus is on making farmers get a fairer price for their bananas. In the UK we typically pay 11p for a loose banana, whilst we pay 20p for a loose apple. Due to supermarket pricing wars over the past 10 years the price of a banana has almost halved, whilst the cost of the production for the farmers has doubled- forcing many farming families into a cycle of poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation has therefore launched a petition to ask the UK Business Secretary Vince Cable, to investigate unfair supermarket pricing practices and to act to protect banana farmers.

To highlight awareness of this cause Esquires Coffee Houses are launching a special ‘Banoffee Latte’ and ‘Banoffee Hot Chocolate’ made with our 100% certified Fairtrade Coffee and topped with pieces of Fairtrade Bananas.

Ask in store from Monday 24th Feb!

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