Our story

Esquires was founded in Canada in 1993, with a defined brand focus on fairness, integrity, passion, excellence, innovation, community and sustainability.

The culture has been the backbone of the company as it has undertaken a global expansion into numerous countries to date including cafes in the Middle East, Asia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. With trusted locations all around the world, Esquires Coffee houses provide a place for people to meet, socialise and unwind with great service, great coffee and great food.

Our first ever Esquires Coffee House in British Columbia Canada

Esquires multi-award winning systems have been carefully integrated into each territory, providing a confidence that no matter which country and culture we are operating in; the Esquires Coffee brand maintains consistency throughout the world.

Today, Esquires is owned by Cooks Global Foods, a publicly listed company on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Esquires Coffee is currently enjoying rapid growth in many countries and is actively looking for partners for single, multi store franchise and master franchise opportunities globally.

Esquires Coffee Flagship London store at Shepherds Bush

To support this progression; strong corporate branding, a fresh contemporary store design and an unreserved commitment to Fairtrade organic coffee, sets the stage for continued development and strengthens Esquires Coffee’s position as a key player in the global food and beverage industry.


Our values

We strive to ensure that each of our coffee houses becomes an integral part of the  community it serves, and we encourage their involvement with  local charities, schools and causes in need.  Our Franchisees are known for their friendly service and local knowledge and we know from our customers that they are seen as being a central part of the community.

Whilst recognising these local needs, we are also abundantly aware of the needs of worldwide communities and have chosen to support the international charity Project Waterfall.

Project Waterfall- Delivering clean water projects along with sanitation and hygiene training to people in coffee-growing countries. Worldwide over 1 billion men, women and children lack access to clean, safe water. You can help change this through our partnership with Project Waterfall. For every bottle of our mineral water you purchase from Esquires Coffee, 10p is donated to Project Waterfall.  The charity  works in partnership with WaterAid to provide clean water, good hygiene and improved sanitation to some of the poorest coffee growing regions of Africa.


Our people

At Esquires, all our staff are trained to exacting standards of customer service and beverage preparation.

Our mantra to customer service is: “Esquires Customers Will At All Times Be Treated with Dignity and Respect, Regardless of Race, Religion, Age or Social Status”.

On top of our everyday training, we also hold an annual competition for all our Baristas’ to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills among their peers and celebrate their abilities.  Each Barista is judged to the standards of the UK Barista Championship to which our winners are encouraged to enter and over the years we’ve seen some fantastic skills on show.


More than simply coffee

Our Coffee is 100% Fairtrade & Organic
Esquires Coffee we believe, is the only High Street coffee chain in the UK with 100% Fairtrade and Organically grown coffee! Our customers have a discerning palate who appreciate not only a great coffee, but are also conscious of its origins and how it is produced. Hence why all Esquires Coffee is now 100% organic and Fairtrade certified.

We have two particular blends of organic coffee- espresso and filter. Our espresso blend hails predominantly from Peru and Honduras; the medium to heavy body from Peru and the sweetness from Honduras. Our filter coffee beckons from Bolivia and Indonesia- the body and depth coming from Indonesia, whilst the sweetness and smoothness comes from Bolivian Coffee.

Our espresso coffee was been carefully developed to produce a blend we consider the Best in Britain.  It is a full bodied, rich roast blend, developed to taste particularly great in milky drinks. Although a rich roast, our espresso is exceptionally smooth, and doesn’t  have the bitterness of many espresso blends on the high street.

Fairtrade Coffee
Working in partnership with our coffee roaster, our Espresso is ethically sourced, with beans coming from Fairtrade certified cooperatives.  We source from 4 co-operatives in Peru, Sumatra, Honduras and Tanzania, expertly roasted in the UK .

Since 2007, all our coffee is Fairtrade certified. We have also added Fairtrade certified Esquires hot chocolate (from Peru & the Dominican Republic), sugar, teas and other food items.  We will continue to seek out ethically produced products, whilst always bearing in mind that we will not compromise on their quality in the process.

Recently, Esquires sought to introduce a range of the finest teas, which we could be as equally proud of as our immensely popular proprietary espresso coffee blend.  We achieved this early in 2010 with the provision of eight hand prepared loose leaf teas , from Suki Teas, served individually in a distinctive tea pot with its own unique serving tray.

Iced Drinks
In addition to our premium range of hot beverages we also serve and extensive range of iced beverages ranging from Fairtrade Italian Milkshakes, Caffe Frappes and Real Fruit Smoothies, which provide “2 of your 5 a day


Global Presence

Esquires Coffee has stores in:

Saudi Arabia

Esquires Coffee has also signed  master franchise agreements in Oman, Qatar, Northern Cyprus and Indonesia. Esquires has the plan to be operating 800 stores globally by 2020.

Check out some of our international stores below:

Esquires Bahrain- World Trade Center Moda Mall- Bahrain

Esquires- The Place- Beijing