Pump up your Smoothie!

Health Supplements
A new range of health boosting supplement blends can now be found at selected Esquires Coffee stores. The blends can be added to any of our delicious smoothies, milkshakes or frappes for an added shot of goodness!

The blends are free from preservatives, GMOs and contain no artificial colouring or flavouring.

Available Blends

Containing vitamins A,C & E. It is a select combination of vegetables and other natural plans that together form a high quality source of antioxidants.

Powdered food supplement containing soy and pea protein. Protein provides building blocks for our bones, muscles, skin, cartilage and blood. It also helps us make enzymes that keep our bodies functioning.

Powdered food supplement containing Green tea, vitamins B6 and B12. Helps increase endurance and decrease fatigue.

Nutritional Info.