New Esquires Coffee store openings in China, Ireland and Saudi Arabia

Esquires Coffee has opened four new stores in China, Ireland and Saudi Arabia in the months of June-July 2016.

Meixihu Mall Esquires store in China is the fourth store opened with BBG group.  Its Chairman William Wang was joined by many senior government officials and by the world famous pianist Lang Lang to celebrate the opening of this major mall, and they have also visited our store and enjoyed a cup of coffee. China also opened its first store in Chongqing city, in partnership with top accounting firm Deloitte China. The office building expansion strategy is going strong.

Things are going great in Ireland. Compare to July 2015, the number of stores is up by 30%. Following the success of our first Dublin downtown store in O’Connell Street, coffee lovers in Kilbarrack, Dubliners’ will be able to enjoy Esquires Coffee at their doorstep.

Due to a combination of excellent store performances and new stores overall sales in Ireland were up 49% for the first quarter to June 2016 and same store sales up by 11%. The turnaround at Clonmel continues to deliver exciting results with the new owners continuing to set new records. It was great to see Galway’s sales hitting new records almost every day in the first quarter and this trend continuing into July. Furthermore, our Carrick store goes from strength to strength and is having a very busy summer season. Greatly helped in no small way by the addition of a new external seating area which provides for 50 more seats which our customers are delighted with.

Saudi Arabia
Esquires Coffee have also opened up in Al Roshan Mall, Jeddah. The store boasts a great location, as well as advocating sustainability and authenticity.