Esquires Coffee • Milk

Esquires Coffee are proud to offer a full range of milk including whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed and soya to our customers at no extra charge, unlike many of our competitors.

We use Müller Wiseman Dairies as our  preferred milk supplier. Müller Wiseman are one of Britain’s leading dairies, providing almost one third of of the fresh milk consumed in Britain every day.

Müller Wiseman are also committed to being an environmentally sustainable business, applying the strategy of:

- Reducing what they can
- Reusing where they can
- Recycling where they can not.

Müller Wiseman believe that greater levels of efficiency result in higher levels of environmental sustainability. As a company they take their role in the communities in which they operate in seriously and believe they have the obligation to do all they can to minimise environmental impact.

Müller Wiseman have set the following Key Targets for 2015 to become an even more sustainable business:

-25% reduction in Electricity consumption
-30% reduction in Gas consumption
-15% reduction in Fuel consumption
-10% increase in renewable energy
-100% diversion from landfill
-25% reduction in water usage