Esquires Ambleside – Sport On!

It’s been fun and games here at Esquires Coffee Ambleside. The past week has gone so quick; as a matter of fact, I think the month of June has just raced right to the finish line without letting us have a look in. But we did get up to some fun, which is why we enjoy our “Esquires Family” so much!!!

Our trainee manager, Lily Dann (she’s about 15 years of becoming manager but she’s still in training!) was fortunate enough to not only see the Olympic Torch but actually be the proud owner of it, if only for a few minutes. Perhaps she’ll be a part time athlete in the future as well as manager?

On Sunday the 24th of June, we had two little faces come into our store and presented us with a trophy. I’ve been telling people that we had won the Euro 2012 cup, but it was actually our Ambleside Under15s Junior Football Club, who has won this Summers Tournament. As we are the sponsors for these competitive chaps, we get to hold onto the trophy and keep it safe.

With any luck, the summer ahead of us is going to be blistering hot, and not this horrid damp, bleak weather that seems to be presenting itself every day. So make sure you make a stop in our store to enjoy one of our refreshing cool drinks that’ll help you relax after a spot of walking the fells of the Lake District!