Founded in Canada in 1993, the Esquires Coffee franchise has become a global success story. The key to this success is our unique franchise business model and localised approach to each and every market we enter. It’s about understanding and responding to the way people interact with (and enjoy) a coffee house these days.  It’s about embracing the independent spirit, enthusiasm and work ethic of a franchise operator.  It’s also about having a sense of community and delivering an experience that is at all times personalised with local care and character.  We are proud to call the United Kingdom home.  It’s a vibrant and dynamic market, filled with enthusiasm, excitement and growth potential.


Enter any Esquires Coffee house in the United Kingdom and you will see that our brand stands for much more than just great coffee.  Our vibrant and cosy environments are a tribute to the social innovations of our time.  The working professional will find an abundance of power receptacles and communal seating arrangements.  The student will find an environment ideally suited to study.  The club or small group will find a place to gather and collaborate….and good friends will always find a place to hang out, relax and socialise.  Our cafes are highlighted with super fast WiFi and soft and comfy furniture.  Of course, we have delicious coffee and a robust selection of gourmet food.


When people ask us what makes us unique the answer is simple: our franchise partners.  Our business thrives and grows as a result of the fantastic people we are adding to our coffee shops.  If owning your very own Esquires Coffee catering franchise sounds appealing to you, please fill in the form below and we will send you our franchise information pack and application form.

Well developed Systems
The Esquires Coffee franchise is a well-developed system that, as we have already proven, is adaptable to many different models and markets. Esquires operates in China, The Middle East, New Zealand, Canada and in the UK & Ireland.

Fairtrade and Organic Coffee
Esquires Coffee is one of the first global coffee franchise chains to serve only 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee.

Key Relationships with Strategic Partners
We have developed solid relationships with partners in finance, banking, solicitors (both franchise and property) and with commercial property agents.

Fresh, Contemporary Store Design
Esquires Coffee stores are designed to the highest quality based on not only style but on functionality and efficiency. Each of our sites is primarily selected and developed to function profitability.

Strong Business Ethics
The Esquires Coffee brand is built on fairness, integrity, passion, excellence, innovation, community and sustainability. We also support the charity Project Waterfall through donating a percentage of our sales of our bottled water.

Bespoke Solutions
Esquires provide a bespoke solution for every partners needs, which include:

-Full Training
-Assistance with site selection and procurement
-Store Design
-Lease Negotiation
-Consistent and ongoing support

The Esquires Coffee franchise opportunity comes in a number of different formats. Our coffee franchises can be found on the high street, on retail parks in shopping centres and musuems. Our stores vary from 2000sq. ft spread over two floors, to mall cafe’s and coffee kiosks of every shape and size.

Esquires  are offering master license and area development partnerships for those looking for a more challenging franchise opportunity in the coffee market.

Check out our three most popular franchise coffee options below.  We’d be more than happy to meet over a coffee and discuss how fun, exciting and rewarding owning an Esquires Coffee franchise can be!

Master License
The Esquires Coffee master franchise opportunity is for those looking to buy the rights to a specified region or country. As a master franchisee you will be responsible for running the entire Esquires network in your territory, along with the support and experience of your franchisor. Your familiarity and knowledge of the local market will prove vital to helping you to grow the business and attract new franchisees. You will have the financial resources to set up the systems and to advance the business in your region.

Area Development Franchise
Our franchise area development programme involves signing into a multi-unit development agreement with Esquires that will give you the right and obligation to set up a number of franchises during a set period of time in a defined market area. For example as an area developer you may buy the rights to open 15 stores in the North East of England over the next 5 years. You will pay Esquires a development fee to purchase an area development license.

Multi-Store Franchise
Our multi-store franchise opportunity is best suited to those who have the necessary business acumen, years of business experience and skills to successfully run multiple units. Like the area development programme you will agree to open a specific number of stores in a given time period, usually within a certain area/region.

Single Store Franchise
If you’ve always dreamt of owning and operating your own coffee house, then our single store franchise model will be perfect for you. Our business thrives and grows with people like you, who put their all into running their store and making it the hub of their local community. You won’t be on your own either Esquires will help you with site selection and lease negotiation, store design, training, project management of store fit out, marketing and operational support.

Great coffee and attractive store designs are just two core elements to developing a successful coffee house franchise.  Our most successful franchise owners understand and appreciate the importance of service in our business model.  They understand and agree with our philosophy, which is that success is driven through community and the service of others.  If this belief is one that you hold then you will be a perfect candidate for an Esquires Coffee food franchise.  To qualify beyond this, you will need the following:

- £85,000+ in Cash
- Desire to Own Your Own Business
- Great People skills
-Winning attitude

Apply Now
If you are interested in owning your own Esquires Coffee franchise, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your details below to receive our franchise information pack and application form.

Or alternatively please visit our franchise specific website for further information.

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