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At Esquires we believe that ‘great coffee helps’ and that great tasting coffee should come from producers who are paid a fair price for their coffee. Esquires are therefore committed to paying the Fairtrade Premium for our espresso and filter coffee blends.

Since 2007 all of Esquires Coffee has been 100% fairtrade certified. Esquires Fairtrade Coffee is is ethically sourced, with beans coming from Fairtrade certified cooperatives.  We source from four co-operatives in Peru, Sumatra, Honduras and Tanzania, expertly roasted in the UK. Information on the cooperatives can be found below:

CECOVASA- La Central de Cooperativas Agrarias Cafetaleras de los Valles de Sandi (Peru)

The CECOVASA cooperative was founded in 1970 by five smaller groups of producers who wanted to come together to access markets without their profits going to local middlemen.

CECOVASA is a 2nd grade organization with 10 primary cooperatives representing thousands of indigenous Quechua and Aymara families. The families live in the Tambopata and Inambari Valleys in the Andean regions of Puno and Cuzco. A third of the producers live in the buffer zone around the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. Poverty in this region can be very high; malnutrition is estimated to be as high as 40% in children under 12 years old (CECOVASA, 2008).

The producers harvest, pulp, wash and dry their coffee. Then the coffee is delivered to CECOVASA’s warehouse to prepare it for export.

Members grow high quality specialty coffee which has won a number of awards: five-time winners of the national quality coffee competition (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012), and their Café Tunki brand was voted World Champion at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) fair in 2010.

The benefits of the Fairtrade Premium for CECOVASA
Through the Fairtrade Premium CECOVASA has been able to support many initiatives that help their community. These have included ways of improving education, business skills, infrastructure, environmental and productivity.

Thousands of families have been able to send their children to school and many have gone on to higher education.

Women’s Programmes
A Committee for the development of Women (CODEMU), has been set up to provide a forum for discussion and training on topics such as first aid, leadership, gender roles and animal husbandry.

Cooperative and coffee infrastructure
The Fairtrade Premium has helped the CECOVASA develop business skills and strategy, construct a new processing facility, install a cupping laboratory and construct coffee warehouses for village cooperatives.

Quality and Productivity
The cooperative have invested in farming equipment including forty coffee de-pulping machines, 1000 pruning saws and three humidity scales used in the coffee drying process. Field agronomists are funded to train farmers in quality control, organic production techniques and environmental conservation procedures.

CECOVASA have used the Fairtrade Premium to run reforestation programmes.

For more information please visit www.cecovasa.com.pe.

COCAFCAL- Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (Honduras)

COCAFCAL is located in Western Honduras, incorporating 12 communities in the municipalities of San Pedro, Copan and Corquin. COCAFCAL’s mission is to promote the sustainable development of the local economy.

It strives to develop financial, technical, productive and marketing services within the framework of its cooperative. The group has obtained Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification in the past few years, adding value to the quality of the coffee they produce. COCAFCAL’s programs benefit approximately 2,500 people.

The Benefits of the Fairtrade Premium for COCAFCAL

Organic Certification
$5000 of Fairtrade premiums have been dedicated towards organic certifications.

Money has been invested in new coffee processing equipment, including four new coffee dryers that will triple their processing speeds.

Premium funds have been used towards an environmental stewardship campaign. As an example, $4,000 was provided to construct environmentally friendly stoves in the homes of 97 community members. The new stoves will reduce the amount of smoke exhausted into the homes and will reduce the amount of firewood needed for cooking by 70% – which is important for conservation of local cloud forest ecosystems and habitats.

ASOCAFE- Asociación de Caficultores de Taipiplaya (Bolivia)

ASOCAFÉ was founded in 1990 by 170 farmers in the province of Caranavi in northern Bolivia. The farmers founded their organization so they could work together, with the principles of gender equality, human rights, and environment and biodiversity protection at the core of their business model.

The members deliver their coffee to washing stations in Taipiplaya. The fruit is processed to become parchment coffee. The parchment is then delivered to the milling factory in Rumy Yara in El Alto (La Paz). The coffee is milled, sorted and stored ready for export.

The benefits of the Fairtrade Premium for ASOCAFE

Members have made investments in supporting the education of their children. They also support health and social projects.

Quality and productivity
In 2014 ASOCAFÉ invested part of their premium in a collaborative project with a governmental organization. The premium funded 30% of the project to increase productivity: a seedling nursery was set up to support families to expand their cultivation area or renovate old coffee farms. The project also supported the renovation of the beneficio (washing plant), drying machinery and other equipment, which will enable the organization to improve the productivity of their farms, the efficiency of their operations, and the quality of their final product.



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The Fairtrade Foundation

At Esquires we believe in treating people fairly, so it was obvious that we would want source our products fairly. We now source all our coffee from Fairtrade certified co-operatives…